Majestic Mister Baxter

Majestic Mister Baxter

Now just a silhouette

Why you say? Well today

He lost a big ole bet

See Baxter thinks he suavé

That he can woo just any lass

So at the park I asked him


“You bet your ass”

So there he went, the doggo

He went to win this bet

I told him if he loses

He’d become a silhouette

Trotting, then ‘a jogging

He dashed at this Maltese

He barked at her and caused a stir

With this Great Pyrenees

Apparently this pupper

Had a man alright

And when he saw my dog, damn y’all

He was ready for a fight

“That’s my girl!” He mad-barked

“Step off you mini schnoz!”

Before B could correct him

It was like Wizard of Oz

A tornado came a comin’

Of dust and fur, with jaws

Before you could say “stop it, hey!”

They were paws to paws

The rest I’ll let you figure

And y’all are smart, I bet

So now you know why this doggo

Is just a silhouette

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