Fitting In

Squares in squares, circles sit, triangles are full of it

They all know just what they are; defined, described, a shooting star

They all have a place to be

A place that holds them, place that keeps

Keeps the hardened world outside

The high, the low, the any tide

Normalcy is what they’re fed

Waking up, nothing to dread

All about the tasks that come

Don’t use that finger, use your thumb

Living in a realm of bliss

But looking closer, you’ll see this

People making deals back-handed

And when masses say “can’t stand it”

They just make these mice of men

So it can happen, all again

Silent sitting, it arouses

No it doesn’t, stay in houses

Shelter yourself from the truth

Believe the things they said in youth

Nothing’s like complacency

It’s what’s expected, and easy

Chasing days to quell our sin

I’m sorry, love, I don’t fit in

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