The Why Behind

Why do people do all of the things that people do? I fear that there’s a very simple way to get the truth Just think about it. This isn’t a joke; I mean it A person’s actions show you that very person’s characteristics So let’s put that into context, shall we? As a human I … More The Why Behind

My Hands

Never idle, on the move, ink pours on the page The force that drives, a needed guide, is with me on this stage I try to be an optimist, but sometimes I’m consumed by rage Thinking of how things are done and how they could so quickly change Yes all the world’s a stage you … More My Hands

Between the Lines

Never have I ever wanted to fit into normalcy Every time I thought of it I knew that it just wasn’t me Don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s society There’s nothing bad of being glad and fitting in the mold, you see And if I’m being candid it’s a life I’ve started to … More Between the Lines

My Last Supper

*Partial credit to Andrew Lloyd Webber of Jesus Christ Superstar, 1973* Look at all my trials and tribulations Sitting in a gentle pool of wine Don’t disturb me now, I can see the answers Till this evening is this morning, I’ll be fine I’ve lost myself in search of something greater I refuse to say … More My Last Supper

Da Boyds

There lives a small famiwee, I call dem da Boyds They are so pwetty and so vewy cute I love to watch them frowick and pway Everwy day on my morning commute Dey live in a howse dats made out of straw Da parwents, dey must be da best All of da time da Boyds … More Da Boyds


Ripples, I see down below The waves are moving, soft and slow Like zephyrs, gently drifting through The water’s stillness calms and soothes I cast a rock into its deeps Watch it sink as this willow weeps I see the first bright evening star Across the lake, the trees afar The coast adorns a bright … More Ripples

My Life

The sand, the dirt, the grass, the trees The sticks, the stones, the light, the breeze The things this world has made for me Have warmed my heart and set me free I look at the stars as I rest on my knee They twinkle and spark, this light that I see I gaze at … More My Life


They’re carried each and every day, they never ever go away. I cannot seem to find a place where minds are clear and thoughts erased. They stay with me, they’re always there, it seems a saddened love affair. My heart is blackened when the air begins to flow with fervent prayer. The things I’ve done, … More Scars


The world is torn, its seams are frayed They say they’ve wished them well and prayed So many hold opinions, strong But words are where they stop, its wrong   For if the ones who claim to care Are genuine, then where’s their fare? What costs have they all taken on? Outside of tweets, or … More Torn

Hide & Seek

Sweaty brow, aching back, home packed lunch and the sleepless nights That’s how things were done when people worked, reaching up for higher heights Dirt and grit, skin and bone, not a moment thrown into the waste Men would own up to the challenge, no obstacle they wouldn’t face Things got done, cities built, on … More Hide & Seek

The Perfect Evening

It’s a fabulous night for a moon dance That’s what the stars shall say Twirl to my arms, they’re before you Awaiting to sweep you away Spinning in circles, directions unknown Its just you and just me on this floor Forget all the things on your conscience As tonight we both dance on the shore … More The Perfect Evening

The Apex

Tell me what things I’ll see when I pull back the layers What’s up in the attic while they play house down the stairs? What person are you, when there’s no one around? What things do you think when no one else can be found? Your face, it is beauty, untainted and quaint Yet what … More The Apex

My Lake Chateau

Come my friend, its you, I know, that stands outside my Lake Chateau. I took a walk, just hours ago, and now I sit by this window. Please, my friend, I’ve something to show; come join me through the portico. Open the door – its unlocked, you know, and come share this fine, old, red … More My Lake Chateau


So many things in life I see, they’re happening all around me. The love, the kids, the joy I see; they sooth my heart and set me free. The warmth I feel when I emcee is cherished oh so fervently, and even when they disagree I only smile, lovingly. Under this Umbrella Tree sits my … More Alone


I ask myself, what does this mean? This life of black, and white, and green. What happens at that final scene, when curtains fall and casts are seen? Will all the actors reconvene? Will they fill the gap between the ones without sin who are clean and those that dwell in the obscene? I find … More Meaning

The Forge

Silence sits so still inside, supplying souls so simplified, the subjects seem to mystify the saints that I’ve since satisfied.  Now that I have shed my pride I ask if doors now open wide, and though the answer is implied I fear its fake; that they all lied. There’s no direction, there’s no guide that … More The Forge