Come sit for a moment, just lend me your ear. I want to be honest, no matter how I appear. The things that I say may not at first be so clear, but as you continue to read they should soon seem sincere. I’ll put this quite simply; my words are austere. The things on the news create division and fear. This shouldn’t surprise you, two thousand eighteen is the year, and everyone knows it; the whole hemisphere. The media, for ratings, will always just smear the things that which should actually be crystal clear.

I’ll give you a moment to let this newsflash digest. I had to be sure that bias was addressed. See, the fights and the feuds that make so many distressed are mostly just bullshit that the “system” professed. They take a small story and tell you folks are oppressed so they can divide us through lies and protest. And don’t get it twisted, injustice is surely expressed, but the majority of people are good, I attest. I have to be honest, these lies have surely impressed, they’ve manipulated the world while leaning on an armrest. Though I have an objection Your Honor cause yes, I know I’m obsessed. But I can’t sit any longer as this world is repressed. I’m sick of complacency; we haven’t progressed. There’s so much in my mind to suggest and request. What things do I mean? Well, its only time that can test. But it’s time that we certainly need to invest.

The first thing to do is to swallow our pride. I know that its hard, but let peace be your guide. If you truly are righteous, then take one step outside; get away from the narrow and rigid divide. Sacrifice judgments you’ve been forced to confide, and start thinking instead of what bonds us inside.

I could not create a more significant plea. My mind thinks of much but this problem won’t leave. We cannot go on fighting, you can’t disagree. This has to be fixed, on foot or on knee. America: its on us. Its on us to agree. All these fights aren’t important as our right to be free. So look past your motives, and look past the “me”. Be strong together, create UNITY

6 thoughts on “UNITY

  1. It is in times of disagreement when we most greatly need to discover unity. Human efforts to create unity typically take on forms of tyranny. Whoever is in a position of power determines what is right or wrong, and everyone must adhere to it—or else. True unity requires each person to have their own perspective, personality, and beliefs, but all come to agreement over what we have in common, and come together to reinforce, strengthen, and defend it.

    “Creating” unity is your only point with which I disagree. On all the rest, I agree wholeheartedly.

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  2. But see, here’s the thing:

    Unity cannot be created. It is something that is always in existence and must simply be discovered. The quest for independence often leads us far away from the place where we can find it, and puts blinders on us that prevent us from seeing it when it is right in front of our faces.

    “Give me liberty, or give me death,” was spoken by a man in desperate straits, to a gathering of men in the same condition. Having already been branded as traitors by a governing system that oppresses its people, they had no other option but to finish out the war for their political independence, to liberate the oppressed from the oppressor. Now, we have a nation where people are free to state their opinion whether it is popular or not. (Kudos to Plaid Shirt Guy, who was respectfully asked to leave the rally rather than being arrested, beaten, imprisoned, or killed.) In America, you can still freely express your own political views—even if they directly conflict with the views the president is espousing—and you can do it in the same room as the president without fear of any harm coming to you.

    We need to learn how to disagree and yet still find unity.


    1. I think it can absolutely be created. Or if you prefer a different term, it can be promoted. Or spread, or enlightened, or exacerbated, or what have you. That is just semantics.

      There’s a certain irony to disagreeing with such a mundane point on a post trying to promote unity 🤔


  3. heyyyy I enjoyed reading it alot. Its poetic and easy to digest. 🙂
    Thing is we so readily believe what the media is feeding us just because we don’t take time to look around and truly experience the reality.
    I am a Muslim and I believed in free America a long time ago. What people need to understand is that we are all humans. Yeah our religion and beliefs divide us but even those who have no faith can’t disagree that being a human; in its true meaning is the ultimate goal of our existence. I know there are good and bad people everywhere. I know there are those who will just try to make others believe that you are the worst thing that could ever happen to the universe. But i hope we learn not to let our fear decide our fate and those of others. The peace we seek can be achieved only through unity.

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    1. This is very well said. There simply must come a day where all people understand that there is much more that binds us together than there is that divides us apart. If we achieve that collective understanding, the entire world will quite literally transform.

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