********** Important Disclaimer This poem addresses depression, and more specifically, suicide. It is meant only as an expression of art, and should not be taken in any real-life context. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or tendencies, there are many resources that can help. National Suicide Prevention # 1-800-273-8255 https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ ********** Wish I wish I … More Wish


New to me, these feelings are I thought these thoughts all dwelled afar For years they have alluded me Now here, tonight, my soul’s set free Comparison: the theif of joy I’ve longed for this since just a boy I’ve watched, observed, the ones who love And always wished I’d rise above Such reservations I … More Feelings


Wanderlust, traveler, perhaps even gypsy So many labels they’ve applied, but in reality Living life is all she wants, it’s really that simple Her spirit shines through both her smile, and her cute cheek dimple Life is meant for living, yes, a thing she truly gets Singing, dancing, spinning round, she loves without regrets Always … More Wanderlust

Cause & Effect

Hatred, malice, walls, no door Cities, countries, all at war Fighting just to stay alive Families struggling to survive A world of waste we’ve made, it seems Turned to gray our once blue streams Pillaged, they have done to Earth All just to increase their net worth Sickening, it is to me That they thought … More Cause & Effect

Woe is Me

Friday night, bars are closing I don’t know why I’m here Feelings hit me deep inside, stepping in this Uber ride It’s loneliness I fear Every time, inside my head I say that she’s the one Naïveté and ignorance have got me acting with no sense So why oh why do I keep saying this … More Woe is Me


After all the hurt and pain I’ve seen, I realize things aren’t what they seem Life is one unconscious stream, to most a nightmare; some a dream I like to say I think things through but don’t know if I really do Can’t comprehend the things He knew and yet I keep on trying to … More Trust.

My Release

Consumed by this confusion nothing works the way I think it should Checked out of this world the day she passed now I’m misunderstood Look back at the lies and the deception of my childhood Human law’s all that’s between the things I can and things I would   People say to shed the hate … More My Release

My Calling

I look up to the sky and ask “please tell me, where’s my Father at?” The only thing he gave me was His judgment and a baseball bat Looking back, it hurts so much that all I do is shake my head Take a sip to numb the pain and write things in an empty … More My Calling

My Last Supper

*Partial credit to Andrew Lloyd Webber of Jesus Christ Superstar, 1973* Look at all my trials and tribulations Sitting in a gentle pool of wine Don’t disturb me now, I can see the answers Till this evening is this morning, I’ll be fine I’ve lost myself in search of something greater I refuse to say … More My Last Supper

Keep the Prayers

Keep the prayers, I request, to your own faithful self. They’re distant to me, meant for somebody else. I was close to your God, admittedly you see, until he ripped me apart; abandoning me. I’m told “There’s always a reason”. Yeah, well I disagree. No purpose is found in response to my plea. His “love” … More Keep the Prayers

Picture This

Picture this, a long hallway all lined with words There’s writing on walls Perched atop the banister are ravens, the blackest birds As you softly tiptoe through these dark, sadistic halls Picture this, an unmarked door confronts you You know not what’s within A frightening cry, it pierces through Compels you to come in Picture … More Picture This


All that I ask, God Please make it all cease The pain is too much, Lord I need a release Sitting at home Try to battle this scene Numb myself with these shots Like a soldier on morphine I guess I should thank you If you hadn’t unsealed, see I’d still just be mindless Not … More Release

Where Are You?

What do I know? What do I think? Could all of this end? Within a short blink?   What does it mean? What purpose is served? These thoughts all torment me My mind, it’s unnerved   God, let me know My question is fair Is all of this worth it, This worship, this prayer?   … More Where Are You?

I Want to Play a Game

I’d like to try a thought experiment. This might be weird; but just bear with me. You’ll need to pay very close attention to the things you’re about to read. More importantly, you’ll need to truly, truly, visualize and imagine what I’m going to say. I want you to imagine yourself plugging your ears. Sound strange? … More I Want to Play a Game