Currency: Chapter 2

I’ve decided to post the Chapters to Currency, my three-part historical fiction tale of the inception/evolution/elimination of fiat money, one at a time as I write them. Basically the story will be posted in an episodic format one chapter at a time. I’m going to consolidate them as I post them in its own page, … More Currency: Chapter 2

Currency: Chapter 1

So I think I’ve decided to write currency out on my blog, since I’ve taken such an interest in it. Perhaps later I’ll wrap it into a book, but I like the suspense of periodic installments. Plus this way its free, which is always a plus.  First chapter below. Warning: might be a bit weird. … More Currency: Chapter 1

Sneak Peak at a New Character in Continuity: Coalition

His name is Jacob Sellars. Below is an excerpt from one of the paragraphs that describes him. I really want to provoke the deep, visceral thoughts that we all have with this story and it’s characters. Touching taboo topics is sometimes a necessary thing if we want to achieve progress. Humanity needs an awakening. “Knowing this … More Sneak Peak at a New Character in Continuity: Coalition