Sneak Peak at a New Character in Continuity: Coalition

His name is Jacob Sellars. Below is an excerpt from one of the paragraphs that describes him. I really want to provoke the deep, visceral thoughts that we all have with this story and it’s characters. Touching taboo topics is sometimes a necessary thing if we want to achieve progress. Humanity needs an awakening.

“Knowing this is only a temporary takeoff which will connect them with their trans-continental flight, Jacob doesn’t bother putting a helmet on. Instead, he settles himself in the front seat of the cockpit, putting ear buds in as he listens to his iPod. Jacob never did obtain the battle-hardened psyche that many of his brother-in-arms developed throughout their time in service. Anytime he takes a life, he internalizes the grief and anguish that he knows his victim’s family assuredly feels upon gaining word of their loss. Despite the extensive training, despite the constant reassurance from his peers, and despite the hatred he sees in his enemies’ eyes, he’s never been able to fully detach himself from the fact that he is taking a human life every time he successfully pulls that trigger. The previous night has left him significantly distraught, something from which he will undoubtedly need much time to recover.”

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