I’m Proud to be an American

At the moment, I have an average life.

I work, I play, I doodle sometimes, what have you. I have a life. Just like all of you guys.

You know what’s cool about that? The fact that I’m sitting here writing about whatever I want. Did you know that if you happened to be born in North Korea, you might be killed for doing what I’m doing right now? Expressing your views. Crazy, right?

Those places exist.

And people fought a HELL of a battle to make it better for us. There were people that actually got tortured and killed just so you could be reading this in a free world. Their sacrifices literally shaped the reality you enjoy today.

This, my friends, is why we should respect America. Today I had the pleasure of serving the firefighters from my hometown. Apparently there’s an event in Nashville every year on 9/11 where they take the names of every firefighter who passed in the attacks, and tape it to another firefighter who participates in the event. Then they suit up, climb the dozens and dozens of stairs to the top of a skyscraper, and climb back down. Just like the people theyre representing would have done on that treacherous day. That, no matter how you look at it, is awesome. These people deserve to be talked about.

So during a time where people are trying to decide what this country means, I say let’s remember that were all in this together. Please don’t let the powers that be divide us any more than they’ve already done.

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