Character vs Reputation: Why Your Opinion of You is the Only One That Matters

I’ve always been a fan of quotes. When I had a desk job, I posted a print-out of all my favorites and hung them in from top me on the wall as a constant reminder of who I want to be. There is one, however, that I read recently which particularly resonated with me.

Legendary basketball player and UCLA coach John Wooden said the following:

“Your reputation is who people think you are – your character is who you really are.”

Take a moment to consider that. Really, really think about it.

In a society where price tags, house size, car brands, and general materialism is so prevalent, these words are especially powerful. We spend so much time and energy trying to project a certain image of ourselves that oftentimes our actual selves paint a completely opposing picture.

I want to keep this short so the majority of your time spent reading this is focused on those words. Always be the real you. Never concern yourself with the opinions of those who wish to bring you down. Ever. Focus on your own, genuine self-image and strive to do the right thing in all situations.

If you’re living right, you’ll never have a reason to worry about your reputation. It’ll take care of itself. And if anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise, you have the luxury of knowing better. Haters are going to hate – rise above them.



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