Cause & Effect

Hatred, malice, walls, no door Cities, countries, all at war Fighting just to stay alive Families struggling to survive A world of waste we’ve made, it seems Turned to gray our once blue streams Pillaged, they have done to Earth All just to increase their net worth Sickening, it is to me That they thought … More Cause & Effect

My Hands

Never idle, on the move, ink pours on the page The force that drives, a needed guide, is with me on this stage I try to be an optimist, but sometimes I’m consumed by rage Thinking of how things are done and how they could so quickly change Yes all the world’s a stage you … More My Hands

What If They Died

What if they died? What if that artist Who painted their works So great, yet shunned For personality quirks What if that singer Who hit impossible notes Wasn’t caught up in drama Or the brunt of your jokes What if you focused On content they write Instead of the bullshit The cheap and contrite Why … More What If They Died

The Tiki Torches: 3

“Alright, everyone. This evening we have an excellent opportunity to show these people just what we mean. We’ve tolerated centuries of oppression, decades of condescension, and countless years of bigotry! I say unto you all, stand up for your rights! Stand up for your freedoms! Stand up for the God Given, inherent capabilities of existing … More The Tiki Torches: 3

The Other Side

Oh my freakin’ God, guys Here we go again Just throw the leather ball, dude My team – it needs a win You really aren’t oppressed, guys And my moneys on the line  So if you don’t deliver, then I’m trading you next time Leave politics to them, bro ‘Cause no one really cares Just … More The Other Side

The Tiki Torches: 2

“YEEEEEHAW!” Driving crazily through the backwoods of a Tennessee highway, Joe and Carl are having the time of their lives in their ’91 Chevy S-10. “Built Ford tuff motha fuckas!!” Joe shouts out of the passenger window, can of Natty Ice in hand. “Joe, this here’s a damn Chev Ro Lay!” Carl asserts, punching his … More The Tiki Torches: 2

The Fly 

The Fly Confusion consumes me I know not what to do  I just watched this small creature To my trap it just flew  This fly, it has fluttered  And flittered about So to end all the buzzing I set flypaper out Yet, now, as I watch it My conscience, it sees And begs that I … More The Fly 

The Real Revolution: the War We Don’t Know We’re Fighting

Its no secret that humanity is going through one of its tensest periods in our short history on this planet. Class warfare, social control, and behind the scenes manipulation has dominated the population for as long as we can look back. The individuals who had the ability to think openly, see the world as a … More The Real Revolution: the War We Don’t Know We’re Fighting

Human Beings are Not One Dimensional

I feel compelled to write this after zipping through my news feeds and reading the persistently biased headlines of our lovely mainstream media.  Human beings are just that – they are human beings.  Regardless of your opinion (which, ironically, is usually formulated based upon third party reporting without any first hand interaction whatsoever), people generally … More Human Beings are Not One Dimensional

The Evolution of Intellect – Transcending our Animal Instincts

I spend a lot of time thinking about things. Some are meaningful, some are mostly irrelevant, and some I think about simply to entertain myself (generally about things most people think are stupid). One such thing (the importance of which I am admittedly unable to decide), is how fascinating it is to consider how much … More The Evolution of Intellect – Transcending our Animal Instincts

Character vs Reputation: Why Your Opinion of You is the Only One That Matters

I’ve always been a fan of quotes. When I had a desk job, I posted a print-out of all my favorites and hung them in from top me on the wall as a constant reminder of who I want to be. There is one, however, that I read recently which particularly resonated with me. Legendary … More Character vs Reputation: Why Your Opinion of You is the Only One That Matters

The Inconvenient Truth: Racism, Sexism & Inequality

Sometimes reality is harsh. I think we all know this. Every day we read about things going on in the world that can make one’s blood boil. Yet, despite how much we all care about fixing these things, they continue to happen. Recently, we’ve seen the lens of our media focus on racism. Whether it’s … More The Inconvenient Truth: Racism, Sexism & Inequality