And Ode to the Letter “E”

Ere I forget I said I’d commit

Ever mindful I shall be, and

Execute my promise to tag

Edmondson, elegant as can be

Eyes like skies, beauty refined

Ergo there’s so much more to see

Especially works of love and grace

Even acts of charity

An Ode to the Letter “D”

Dare I try letter four 

Daunting as it may be?

Duly note this verse might prove as 

Drab and dull as me

Don’t say there’s other letters of such

Deep complexity

Desire to speak in a past tense?

Dread not! Just add a “D”

An Ode to the Letter “C”

Can you guess what letters next

Clocking in at number three?

Careful how you use it now

‘Cause it confuses frequently

Certain times it’s overlooked, like 

Chief – the “I” before the “E”

Can’t use “I” that same way though when

Coming after “C”