I care not for opinions, the things I say are true My conscience guides and truth resides in action, not with you If you must talk then walk the walk, because otherwise You’re all the same, the fact remains, you’re jealous and unwise Weakness fosters hate for those who climb above the rest They try … More Persevere


Every thought I think of, every theory I throw down is tight Never needing nothing now, no noose around my neck at night Put out paper pad and pen, place em and pull down the light   That’s when it starts That’s when it begins I think about my life in parts and think about … More Alliterate

Angels & Demons

Everywhere I go I always have to make a choice Right or left, up or down, good or bad, I hear a voice Its hard to navigate through all the thoughts and all the faded noise I try to make the right decisions, try to live right and rejoice But you know the devils always … More Angels & Demons