Angels & Demons

Everywhere I go I always have to make a choice

Right or left, up or down, good or bad, I hear a voice

Its hard to navigate through all the thoughts and all the faded noise

I try to make the right decisions, try to live right and rejoice

But you know the devils always there, on the other shoulder, man

Ripping through my mind and thoughts, doing everything he can

To drag me through the darkness and the fire to undo my plan

Sends his demons every night, attending my attention span


If you wanna know me here’s some lines to show you who I am

Take these words and mix them up, make a complex anagram

That’s a start, the foundation to this jaded diagram

But in the end, the life I want, the life I chase is of the lamb


Maybe that don’t make sense to the ones that say they have met me

You know what that’s okay, that’s just fine, it don’t even matter, see

Everything I do, I do with passion and intensity

They don’t understand the things I think, I think they misinterpret me


So here I am, on this road, it splits and makes me choose a door

I look into the rearview mirror at the path I’ve laid before

Recall the promise that I made, the promise as I cried and swore

I see the angels congregate, guiding me into this war


Everything that lies ahead, its all a house of cards and men

Everything could tumble down, die in fire, ember, then

We’d look up, ask what to do, what does God want for our sin?

This is what we all shall know, are you an angel, or demon?

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