Bad at Love

I sit and read all of these top artists’ lines

Inspired by their thoughts as I think and try to create mine

I study each and every line, every rhythm, every beat

Reading lyrics from 2Pac, Halsey, Big and Em n Pete

It’s a craft that I am studying, a craft that I’m just starting to

Understand but that’s what patience does, it shows me what I gotta do

If I wanna make it in this money hungry industry

You gotta play the game it seems, you gotta chase and catch your dreams

And so I play I’m Bad at Love, listen to it on repeat

California Love, that background and the sickest beat

Over and Over Again, I listen to these songs, man

Absorbing every sound I hear as art courses through my right hand

This is what I do when it gets dark and it gets late at night

I listen, read the greats and hone my own, a given right

This talent I’ve been blessed with isn’t random, no, it came from her

All I need is one blank pad, a ballpoint pen and thoughts that stir

Then all these things I think, they start to flow and formulate

As my hands start making compromise, words and letters congregate

Watching all these thoughts and ideas grow and start to resonate

As people read and message “Matt, keep writing please, I can relate”

They listen to the things my restless hands and restless fingers write

They know there’s someone out there thinking these things each and every night

Someone going through the same things after every riff and every fight

Someone else is feeling their exact same feelings, every plight

That’s what music does for us, that’s what rhythm serves to do

It gives our thoughts a short escape, a small window to think it through

And as I wind down every night, I realize why I wear this glove

These words are all I think of now, they’re the reason that I’m bad at love

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