I’ve had some people ask me what exactly is my book about

So let me tell you, let me try to summarize, quell the doubt

Its about the things we do and how we treat each other; simple see

I knew when I first started writing my first novel, Continuity

I wanted to portray a story, a motif I tried to create

That illustrated all the petty arguments we see of late

Who cares if he’s in love with his same gender, who are you to pry?

Just make the cake and tell them “hey that’s cool, congrats you guys”

Who cares if that old person disagrees with all the things you say?

Just try to understand that they were raised in a much different way

The world has changed, its time we compromise, adapt

Cause if we don’t we’re stuck here man, we’re idle and our minds are trapped

You know I know you know what I’ve been thinking ‘bout

Cutting loose the chains and handcuffs, no reason to resist or doubt

Free your minds and join me, we’re moving we’re not stationary

I’m telling you that I am here, that I’m a revolutionary

The one who’s got the passion and the drive to make a difference here

I wrote that book to make a point, not for fame and not for cheer

Why do you think I stay distant from the industry?

Its because I know they’ll push an image, one that isn’t even me

And that’s just it, I’m holding all my cards, see

No one else can take them, so many aces up my sleeve

I’ll play them when the time has come, the day I that no longer grieve

Remember this, my fragile friend: it started with Continuity

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