I don’t like to think about the things they think they know Cause they won’t ever know about the things I like to think Perhaps my methods madness, you might be right. So? Patience is a virtue; can someone hold my drink? 3 years ago I sacrificed my one true life to words Now as … More Plans

My Calling

I look up to the sky and ask “please tell me, where’s my Father at?” The only thing he gave me was His judgment and a baseball bat Looking back, it hurts so much that all I do is shake my head Take a sip to numb the pain and write things in an empty … More My Calling

Keep the Prayers

Keep the prayers, I request, to your own faithful self. They’re distant to me, meant for somebody else. I was close to your God, admittedly you see, until he ripped me apart; abandoning me. I’m told “There’s always a reason”. Yeah, well I disagree. No purpose is found in response to my plea. His “love” … More Keep the Prayers


I’ve had some people ask me what exactly is my book about So let me tell you, let me try to summarize, quell the doubt Its about the things we do and how we treat each other; simple see I knew when I first started writing my first novel, Continuity I wanted to portray a … More Continuity

The Pearl

Some time ago there came to be a gorgeous dame, just twenty-three Beauty she was, in entirety, with eyes as blue as deepest sea   Kind and gentle she cared for all, the rich, the poor, the short, the tall A heart of gold, her charm enthralled, she loved the big, adored the small   … More The Pearl