The Pearl

Some time ago there came to be a gorgeous dame, just twenty-three

Beauty she was, in entirety, with eyes as blue as deepest sea


Kind and gentle she cared for all, the rich, the poor, the short, the tall

A heart of gold, her charm enthralled, she loved the big, adored the small


But something was hiding behind her bright smile, a thing she so longed for, a love to beguile

She watched those around her all of the while, dreamt of her own day, to walk down the aisle


Despite her perfection, the kindest of soul, her father was evil, forbidding that stroll

His eyes never left her, he took a hard toll, his heart was pure hatred and blacker than coal


He loathed all the others and made a decree: no one shall wed her, she’ll stay here with me

He assumed other men, they all thought like he; and viewed a fine woman as their property


A day fine’ly came, and much to her joy, a kind man arrived, a respectable boy

But sadly the dad became so annoyed, the kind man he shunned, the girl’s dream destroyed


Fearing him not, the man formed a plan to save this fine lady, to win her fine hand

To free the fair maiden from father and land, to give her a life, where she’s in command


So off the ‘gent went, partook in this quest, to find the solution, he puffed out his chest

He saddled his horse, he put on his vest, in love he believed, in armor he dressed


He rode through the night through thick and through thin, the hot and the cold, calm air and the wind

He fought many battles, when chances were slim, passion would guide him, love always would win


At last the day came to fight for the girl, and meet eye to eye with her father, this Earl

As their blades clashed, such swish and such swirl, the maiden came out, her fair neck wore a pearl


She shouted to them, “Please just get along!”, and “Why”, to the father, “What is so wrong?”

“Why say you hate him, he doesn’t belong? Why can’t you see how our love is so strong?”


And as the girl cried, she fell to her knees, she begged for her father a to put doubt at ease

To let his grip go, to fine’ly appease, she begged it be so, with passion, and “please”


As the damsel distressed, the dad heard her cry, he turned and he faced her, a tear in his eye

“My dear I’m so sorry, for all of this time, I’ve missed your poor mother, I’ve needed respite”


Hearing these words, the kind man dropped his sword, he hugged the poor father, whose words had struck chord

“Forgive me”, he said, “I’ve been a bad ward, your life is your own, to live and go ‘ford”


And so on that day the lass fine’ly found, the love that she’d dreamed of, her chains were unbound

All men can change, when truth is abound, remember this tale when tough times come around

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