The Truth

Never have I ever wondered what things lay in front of me, the futures not a question, I know exactly what’s in store for me. I don’t live for today, I live for forever; looking ahead with a clever grip on the trip that I’m about to take with whoever has the ability to sever … More The Truth

Afraid to Feel

Vulnerability. It seems like something most despise So let me be frank; I’ll tell no lies Truth is, I’m quite conflicted About something often on my mind I suppose I’ll just be candid Bluntly share this struggle of mine Relationships. Yes that’s right. Which may come as a surprise After all, I love to socialize, … More Afraid to Feel


It’s often that i see this If truth were to be told Despite the goal: inspire It turns warmth to bitter cold If ever you are struggling If ever you are down Remember they don’t matter And that words can’t bring you down For often will you hear, when You are looking far ahead That … More Forward


The focus settles, nestles in I sit here waiting, lights are dim  And though I know what must be done  I always feel that loaded gun  The push to work, this call to act For naught fulfills a ghost’s contract Forever now, forever then, Armed with paper, bladed pen No fear of future, charge ahead … More Mission

Ms. Scribbler

Hello my friend! Please lend an ear A tale have I For you to hear Once upon A timely time A maiden lived Who loved to rhyme She’d sit outside As sun shined bright Observe the world And write and write Her rhymes were filled With love and fear And all the things From there … More Ms. Scribbler

Dear Mom

Dear Mom I want you to know, Mom I’ll never forget  The pain and the hurt Nary thought of regret For all you could do And with all you could give You gave to us three In hope that we’d live The life that we dreamed  Where good turns to great When happiness soars And … More Dear Mom

The Fly 

The Fly Confusion consumes me I know not what to do  I just watched this small creature To my trap it just flew  This fly, it has fluttered  And flittered about So to end all the buzzing I set flypaper out Yet, now, as I watch it My conscience, it sees And begs that I … More The Fly 


My head’s above the water That drowning feeling, gone A year point five has passed The dark before the dawn I know its up to me now, To act, to make her proud No longer shall I question Why the pain was ere allowed Instead my eyes shall focus On this path that’s clear ahead … More Go…

For Her

Tonight it hurts  The pain it sears I’m all alone I’m dripping tears I miss her so My empty grasp Tries reaching out  Yet nothing lasts I hate the hurt  With everything Im here, now God I’m listening  Speak up, it’s time To make your play This pain I want  To go away If you’re … More For Her

Reflections of Sadness, Elation, Hope & Regret – Happy Birthday, Mom: I Miss You Terribly

In the midst of the typical holiday cheer and excitement, at a time when everyone surrounding me is lit up with positive vibes and kindness, I find myself riding a roller coaster of peaking and plummeting emotion; teetering from positive, heart-warming memories one moment to tear-induced recollections of times no longer within my grasp, all … More Reflections of Sadness, Elation, Hope & Regret – Happy Birthday, Mom: I Miss You Terribly


Life can seem like many different things at various points throughout our journey. Oftentimes we view it as a randomized collection of chaotic events over which we have little to no control. Other times, when things seem to be going our way, life appears to be a beast that we have worked hard to tame; … More Choices