Be Willing to Stop the Killing. Its Not Thrilling – its Chilling.

The chapter I posted for Continuity last night made me think about this: why are we still killing each other?

I think the saddest part about that question is that some people will answer – “its human nature”.

Are you okay with that?! I’m not. Are we seriously still so primitive that in order to make sure our point gets heard that we have to resort to ending the life of someone else? Get over yourselves, weirdos. When are we going to collectively understand that we will NEVER have a world where everyone thinks the same way? And that we need to understand each other’s differences, not suppress them.

Our media keeps telling us that radical Islamists want to kill us all. Do you think they really are THAT evil? Or do you think that if we stopped antagonizing them, maybe they’d chill the hell out?

I just find it very hard to believe that an entire portion of the world is dead-set on the destruction of all other cultures. I mean sure, maybe these people have been brainwashed by a false narrative, so that’s what they believe today. So I can understand that much – they’ve never been exposed to anything else. But instead of murdering them, wouldn’t it make sense to try and say “HEY! Stop it. Let’s talk about why killing people isn’t a good thing.” Give these people a chance!

I’m fully aware that I’m probably over-simplifying an enormously complex issue, but I think my point remains. I mean think about it. What if we took all that ridiculous load of money we pour into killing people, and instead put it into educating them? What kind of result would that have?

Of course, this would mean that the companies and individuals that benefit from said destruction would become obsolete. Not to mention, it would be a heck of a lot harder to slip in and take all that super valuable black liquid they’re all sitting on with an educated population to get through.

Isn’t it about time we start raising an eyebrow, humanity? We’ve been killing each other for MILLENIA. When are we going to grow up?

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