No complaints this time, I promise.

I’d like to delve into the whole dating thing again. The whole digital age has thrown everything for a loop, and we need to reign in some of the shenanigans. Yes, I said shenanigans.

The digital age has allowed us to expand our dating horizon to an epic scale, giving us access to basically whoever we want whenever we want (in terms of communicating with them). This, ironically, has presented a problem in many relationships. And let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. How many of you have looked at that phone just sitting there, buzzing, wondering who dat is texting him or her at this hour?

Guilty. We’ve all done it. Which is precisely why in my next relationship (if that ever happens), I’m going to have an open door policy to all of my stuffs. Literally. Passwords, logins, you name it. Sift through whatever deep, dark, documents and texts you can find. Because I want 100% understanding. Notice I said understanding, not trust.

People are inherently wired as animals, first and foremost – let’s not forget that. This means we have natural attractions towards other people. Don’t believe it? Well, continue playing fantasyland and I’ll meet you at the end of this blog post then. But for those of you who DO understand this, let’s continue.

Your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whatever – will always have instincts. They will always have their DNA tied in such a way that that if someone walks by that is attractive, they will gravitate toward them. Via text, via phone, via Skype, etc. That person exists. As much as we want to believe that monogamy is nature’s way – we’re fighting an uphill battle, people.

So I think understanding this is the first step in overcoming the jealousy thing. Understand that your partner might share some form of connection with another person. That doesn’t mean they’re going to cheat on you. They just enjoy the attention of that particular human being. Now if you WEREN’T in the equation, then yes that might be a possibility. But even that shouldn’t be taken personally. People like people. That’s the world we live in. So don’t get mad when you see stuff like that happen. Don’t hate on the guy who likes all of your girls Instagram photos, or sends her tons of snaps. Just trust each other, and be real.

So basically I think what I’m trying to say is that a real, true relationship…one grounded in actual connection, should allow the open use of phones, Facebooks, what have you. Because I have nothing to hide. I am who I am, and you like me for who I am. At least hopefully you do.

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