Writing a Book is Confusing

A few days ago, I posted on Continuity’s FB page my creative process as far as character development. For those of you who might wonder, I’ve learned that it’s extremely hard to stay consistent with a character’s…well, character, when writing. At least for me it was. I’m sure most writers who have taken classes and stuff can naturally transition from one perspective to the next, but I had a really hard time switching mentalities when I was changing points of view.

So I had to write down all the adjectives which described my characters, giving me something to reference. Being able to go back and look at this really helped me when I was writing the dialogue and actions of each individual. So I thought it might be kind of cool to write down exactly what I’d written in my journal.



  • Carson Baxter: Main protagonist
    • Creative, dreamer, bold, sensitive, assertive, philosophical, witty, introspective, conflicted (with life)
  • Jennifer McPherson: Secondary protagonist
    • Intelligent, physically attractive, ambitious, soft-hearted, conflicted (colluding with Yuri)
  • Yuri Antonov: Main antagonist
    • Brutally ambitious, manipulative, vindictive, powerful, wealthy, innovative
  • Brody Jenkins: Support (protagonist)
    • Logical, witty, skeptical, stoic
  • Bradley Covington: Support (Jennifer)
    • Fatherly, confident, empathetic, respected, gently authoritative
  • Viktoriya Markovic: Secondary antagonist
    • Sexy, terse, cold-hearted, loyal, ego-driven
  • Zach Williams: Support (Jennifer)
    • Smart, nerdy, genuine, pushover
  • Ashley Zimmerman: Support (WMP)
    • Attractive, young, naive
  • Alistair Finney: Support (WMP)
    • Annoying, finicky, nosy, gullible, wishy-washy
  • Praveet Aseem: Support
    • Practical, intellectual, sociologist
  • Alberta Frauke: Support
    • Blunt, ambitious, mechanical engineer
  • Richard Greene: Support
    • Respected, dramatic, influential, geophysicist
  • Melissa Gomez: Support (Narrative)
    • Reporter, inquisitive, dramatic
  • Jackson Marx: Salvation Crew
    • Pilot, assertive, leader
  • Vanessa Hamilton: Salvation Crew
    • Co-pilot, nurturing
  • Jerry Smith: Salvation Crew
    • Engineer, goofy, lighthearted
  • Paul Rainier: Salvation Crew
    • Navigator, older, fatherly, disciplined
  • Patricia Langley: Salvation Crew
    • Ambitious, talented, intelligent
  • George Goodwin: Support
    • Fatherly, blunt, southern
  • Bernard O’Hare: US President, secondary antagonist
    • Arrogant, outspoken, entitled, narrow-minded, resolute, strong-willed
  • Annette Mahler: German Chancellor
    • Empathetic, humanitarian
  • Daniel Cuthbert: British Prime Minister
    • Neutral, logical, objective
  • Isaac Mikhailov: Support (Yuri)
    • Submissive, skittish, insecure
  • Alina Volkov: Support (Yuri)
    • Youthful, gullible
  • Tom Dresden Support (Yuri)
    • Driver, mercenary
  • Vasily Smirnov: Support (Yuri)
    • Russian reporter, truth-driven
  • Nina McPherson: Support (Jennifer)
    • Jennifer’s mother, caring, comical, fragile
  • Erika Roberts: Support
    • Convicted, determined, physically strong, narcoleptic
  • Shawn Smith: Support
    • Committed, valiant, protective
  • Caitlin Smith: Support
    • Shawn’s daughter, young, innocent, good-natured, curious
  • Hank Wilson: Support
    • Skeptical, southern, patriotic
  • Evelyn Wilson: Support
    • Kind, generous, traditional, polite
  • Brent Smith: Support
    • Shawn’s brother, valiant, strong, Army Ranger


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