A Dreamchasing Humanist Commy

A dreamer. That’s what I’ve always been called.

Just kidding! That’s Carson. But seriously though, don’t we all have our own dreams? That’s something I’ve always thought about. I’ve always wondered what stops people from going after what they truly want in life. Granted, I probably don’t have much room to talk, considering I’ve spent my whole life doing what I’ve been told to do. Until recently of course.

But it shouldn’t have taken Mom’s passing for me to realize this, you know? Why haven’t I ever given writing a shot before? She always told me to. A billion times, I bet. I mean I’m not trying to toot my own horn (even though you can’t say something like this without it sounding like that, but whatever), but I just wrote a freakin novel in three months! I looked up how long it usually takes, and sometimes its years! Or at least like six months. Even for the ones who only write novels for a living.

I think it’s because I was too afraid. But then I have to ask myself…why was I afraid (exhausting, right)? And I think the answer to THAT is the same thing. It’s what I’ve been taught to think. I’ve been taught to be afraid of chasing my dream because I might fail. And evidently failing at something isn’t acceptable to most people. So they look down on those that digress from the “normal” way of life and onto a path that they create themselves.

The 9 to 5 is what I’m referring to when I say “normal”. Why does our society make people who don’t “earn an honest living” feel so low? I mean obviously if it’s a case where someone is just lazy, that’s one thing. And that SHOULD be frowned upon. Especially if they’re sucking up unjust welfare benefits. But for someone who would rather just paint, for example. Or I don’t know, make paper airplanes. Or do something to contribute culturally, you know? Why do so many people make fun of them for “living a fantasy?” What’s wrong with doing something that makes you happy? And for everyone who does have a 9 to 5, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that obviously. I think everyone should be respected for working hard, regardless of how they choose to do it. If anything, working a job you don’t really like to provide for yourself and others is even more respectable if you ask me. Cause then you’re making a sacrifice.

Actually, if you do some research, the whole 9-5 thing wasn’t even around until Henry Ford invented the assembly line. Apparently people during the Industrial Revolution we’re working like freaking animals so when Henry came along he put a stop to it and created a new standard (at least it was a step in the right direction). But even 40 hours a week…I just feel like we’re so conditioned to give most of our lives away for a job we all hate. Let’s be honest. Do you know how much that adds up to over a lifetime? It’s insane. I think we need to figure out a way to make society more like permanent retirement. But not in a laid back sort of way. More of an “everyone’s doing something” kind of way, but maybe in turns or something. Hell, I don’t know. Because I know the biggest issue would be if that were the case, who would do the stuff no one wants to do? Trash, sewers, etc. Maybe it could be done on like a rotation or something. Same with like food and stuff. Assign farming communities where they’re given all the goods and services they need in exchange for producing food for the population, rather than pay them money. Same with other stuff that we need. Like toilet paper. I doubt anyone would wanna make toilet paper if they weren’t making money.

Now that I think about it, wouldn’t that be cool? That would totally eradicate the need for the entire financial system. Not ONLY do you get rid of the inequality and corruption, but you also free up like billions of people that can be productive in other ways, like environmental preservation, philanthropy, etc. Look up the Venus Project if you have time. It’s a really cool idea kind of along the same lines that they’re trying to do down in Florida I think.

The more I type this…do I sound like a communist? Uh oh. I hope not. But actually, if that’s what communism is – would it really be that bad? Nowwwww it makes sense! No wonder we’ve been told communism is evil this whole time. We wouldn’t be controlled anymore! Think about it. Everyone says that communism is such an awful thing and all. Do most people even understand what it is in the first place? Or are they just regurgitating what they’ve been conditioned to believe. I think I remember Russell Brand one time making a joke about that. He said he looked it up, and it basically meant “sharing”. Maybe an oversimplification, but it was still kind of funny. I DO know that a true communist society has never been successfully formed, so technically we can’t say if it would work or not. Not to the extent that Marx envisioned.

Who knows? Maybe I have a skewed perspective. Maybe most people don’t look at people who chase their dreams so negatively. But that’s sure the vibe I’ve gotten my whole life, that’s for dang sure. “It’s a waste of time”. I mean heck, I was even poked at for majoring in Economics for crying out loud (I won’t name names, but its true). Because Econ is “theoretical”, not “practical”. Well screw you! You can take that comment and practically shove it up your butt. I guess Taylor was right after all. Haters are, in fact, going to hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Anyway, I know I bitch and moan a lot (pardon). But that’s just because I want to understand things better. Don’t go shouting Matt’s a communist or anything : P

I’m a humanist. How’s that?

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