If I Had a Million Dollars


Let’s see here. You know, it’s actually kind of funny. When I was growing up, I always wanted to get rich and famous. But now that I’m older, I’ve realized that was a really stupid aspiration. It’s empty, you know? I guess I was a victim of society like most of us are, and sort of idolized the whole celebrity life thing. I always thought it would be so cool to drive a Maserati and live in a ridiculous house.

Now, I think all that’s pretty stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I mean yeah it would be cool to have cool stuff. But ever since this transformation I’ve been going through, my focus now is on being real. Useful, you know? Like, who cares about the guy who drives the really cool car and makes loads of money? Sure, there’s plenty of shallow people out there that will gladly stroke his ego…but what use is he to society? I guess that’s the funny part. It’s like I almost resent the life that I so badly wanted before.

So I’ve put some thought into this. Hopefully, if I do it right, this publishing deal and writing thing will launch me into another level financially. If that ends up being the case, there are some things I’d like to accomplish. Helpful stuff. So I’ve decided to create a list of said things, if I had the resources to do so. This should be fun.

1. My first priority is the library I’ve talked about for Mom. If I made enough to build one, that’d be freakin’ sweet. But if not, hopefully a hefty donation could get her name on the building and maybe a small commemorative thingamajig inside with some pics and a bio or something. So that’d be my first objective.

2. I’d really like to start a non profit or some sort of organization that encourages young people to chase their dreams. I’m sure there’s something out there that might already do that, but lately I’ve obviously developed a passion for that. I really want to help people do the things in life that truly make them happy. I don’t know exactly how that might work, but surely there’s something that can be done. I know there’s a lot of mentoring programs out there, but I’d want to do something different. Not sure what exactly, but that’s a good #2 I think.

3. Animals. Who doesn’t love animals? I don’t even know what I’d do, but I’d definitely support the little guys in some way. Oh, and I also want to somehow finagle a way to get Baxter on a billboard somehow. Weird, I know. But I think he deserves some love since he’s kept me sane for so long. Incidentally, I think I-40 or I-65 needs a “Welcome to Nashville” billboard. Other cities have them! And who’s more welcoming than Baxter and his crippled right ear?! Anyway, animals. I’d help them out somehow.

4. I’d really like to help with the development of Mt. Juliet, my hometown. I don’t really know what I’d do, but I’d like to do something. A few years ago I started the MJ Young Professionals through the chamber of commerce, but that was just a small networking organization. If I had loads of greenbacks, I could obviously make a much bigger impact. I’d definitely help the baseball programs in Wilson County. Vandys, too (although they probably have plenty of money by now).

5. The last thing I can think of (for now) is contributing somehow to the nursing industry. When Mom was in the ICU for a month, I developed a soft spot for nurses. They really did do a great job. And not just from a professional perspective, they were really good emotionally and whatnot. So I’d like to do something that benefits nurses, cause I think they get sort of under appreciated sometimes in the shadow of doctors.

Anyway, that’s just some of the stuff I’d like to do, if I had the money. I think that approach makes it easier to obtain it, too. Having a goal to get rich is dumb. Having a goal to DO something that would require riches, on the other hand, gives you a greater passion and desire to create the wealth in order to obtain your goal.

So that’s how I see it.

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