Collective Reasoning

All this stuff I’ve written lately about humanity keeps making me think of more and more to expound upon. One of these days I’ll shut up about it, I promise. But yesterday I was editing the chapter about the (fictional) origins of humankind, and somehow came up with a particular paragraph that I really ended up liking, because I think its true. Its a point in the story where Carson is speaking to the same being that denied Earth’s inclusion in their galactic network, due to our tendencies of creating conflict. I’m not going to include the explanation of our roots because that’d be a mega spoiler, but this is taken out of context to describe what I’m talking about.

“You see, the primary element that separates a truly successful civilization from a lesser one is their level of collective reasoning. If a society shares similar values and beliefs, it becomes easy to advance as a species, because you are all focused on similar goals. With a social environment such as Earth’s, there are far too many conflicting ideals to allow any form of meaningful achievement, drastically slowing your cultural evolution.”

I think this is a lingering problem with our species. Our ways of thinking aren’t inclusive – they’re divisive. Our technological advancements and truly great ideas are so bottle-necked by our obsessions with conflict. Our focus (as a whole) is more often pointed toward conflict resolution (war, political correctness, gender/race equality, etc.) than it is on moving forward as a civilization. SO many resources are dedicated to these issues, when they could instead be committed to meaningful progress if we could just get the hell along. The inability of people to accept the views of other people is our absolute biggest flaw.

Unless it causes detriment to others, people need to stop the criticisms and efforts to change the minds of other people. We don’t respect each other – that’s our problem. Empathy and compassion are things of the past, it seems (if they ever truly existed in the first place).

I’m going to end this here, because I could go on for days about this. But I honestly can’t wait for the millennial generation to inherit the world, because it seems that we have a pretty firm grip on wanting to achieve more than our predecessors. At least judging by the conversations I’ve had with people that actually care where this place is headed. We’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do…

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