Continuity – Epilogue


In Moscow, things were going relatively well for Yuri and his legion of drugged up crazed engineers. His ship, which he was calling The Savior (as an intentional poke at the Salvation), was being constructed at a much faster pace than he ever could have imagined. Despite his ego-maniacal motivations of becoming a dictator, he was quite excited about the thought of saving humanity. He had a very specific image of how he thought the world should function, and he was dead-set on making that dream become a reality.

Viktoriya was beginning to play a more significant role as well, with the realization that Yuri really was the one person on the planet who she thought might be her superior. Up until this point, she’d always viewed their relationship as equals – but after recent events, she was beginning to realize Yuri had crafted a plan all along, and always had a contingency option in case things went awry. He was brilliantly strategic in his actions, which turned her on more than anything she’d ever experienced. While he was in fact a cold-hearted person, she saw right through his violent exterior into the inner workings that made him tick. Everything he did was calculated, controlled, and executed to perfection. He truly was an extraordinary person, whether good or bad.

It isn’t often when someone comes around that has such broad vision. In the case of Carson, Yuri, and O’Hare, they all had their own views of how the world should operate. The only commonality they shared was that they all agreed the current system wasn’t one that benefited humanity as a whole.

On the one hand you have President O’Hare, who believes that humanity is a group of mostly unintelligent worker bees, just trying to get by one day at a time. Easy to control, easy to manipulate, easy to suppress. Then there’s Yuri. A young man who rose up from nothing, who valued strength and hard work, making no excuses for failure or setbacks. He was relentless in his Machiavellian beliefs that only the strongest should survive. And finally, we have Carson. A person who believes in true independence, where people are free to do anything they wish. A person who believes that the vast majority of people are inherently good – and that evil exists only as a result of our selfish natural instinct to boost our own egos. It was his firm belief that if humanity could put ego aside, incredible things could be accomplished as a collective unit. He wanted more than anything to see that reality manifest itself – a day where humankind woke up and realized how petty their differences really are, and that the only way to transcend these childish conflicts was to grow up and stop being so self-absorbed. Of course he couldn’t do it without the help of Jennifer. Jennifer had provided the emotional support Carson never had. For once in his life, he finally felt like there was someone else in the universe who understood him. Who else could put up with his constantly wandering imagination? She made him feel…whole.

Yes, it was the oldest story ever told – a clash of mixed views and conflicting beliefs. Who will win? Only time will tell, as always. The fate of humanity was resting upon the shoulders of three extraordinary people. A control freak, a power-hungry liberator, and a dreamer.

A dreamer. That’s what he’s always been called.

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