Political Correctness & Tolerance


This is a delicate topic, and I generally try my best not to offend people. But at a certain point, things start to get a bit out of hand. As we see all the entertaining headlines on our news feeds and kill time sifting through the hilarity of the comments section, I can’t help but wonder why people get so upset over the most menial of things.

This whole political correctness thing is really becoming a concern. A few weeks ago we heard about locker rooms possibly being used for students that identified as the opposite gender. Then today I overheard someone say “Merry Christmas!” only to get an irritated response of “its Happy Holidays!”. Yes, that actually happened. I was at Wal-Mart (shocker).

Like, we get it. We all want equality and no one wants their holidays or beliefs undermined. But when you start becoming bitter about it, there’s a problem. If someone says “Merry Christmas” to you, and you don’t share their beliefs, just say thank you. Because they were just trying to be nice. They weren’t trying to impose anything on you. Its a seasonal colloquialism, for crying out loud.

If there was one theme I could apply to the world today, I think it would be tolerance. It seems like everyone’s at each others throats nowadays over everything. We’ve got this religious conflict with many people blaming Islam for the terrorist activity as of late, we’ve got the black lives matter movement condemning racism, a massive climate change narrative, and so on. The world is literally becoming divided with these things because people are forced to pick a side.

We need to be more tolerant of others’ beliefs. Now when someone’s beliefs result in jihad or terrorism, that’s one thing, but when someone scoffs at you because you said “Merry Christmas”…that’s just petty. That’s the kind of tolerance I’m talking about. The kind that brings people together, rather than ripping them apart. The kind of tolerance that allows people to get along regardless of their spiritual or political beliefs.

We really need to shift our focus from all these divisive issues to something more unifying. At times I wonder if this divisive scheme is intentional. Are the powers that be trying to divide us? And if so, why? I suppose we’ll see.

Going into the holidays, we really need to start getting along : )

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