Why the World Won’t Change Until We Do

People want things to change. They’ve made that abundantly clear. From the social movements we see today (BLM, Young Turks, change.org, etc.) to the constant bantering on social media, its clear that people are fed up with the powers that be.

If so many people desire this, why hasn’t anything meaningful been accomplished? To be frank, I think this is due to our limited ability to think outside of the framework we are so used to. Our society has been so brainwashed into conforming to a particular way of life that its rendered us incapable of conceiving the possibility that there might be another way of functioning. And this, sadly, allows the powers that be to continue injecting manufactured conflicts to keep us bickering with one another – further limiting our ability to unite and understand what is actually going on.

We, in my opinion, are humanity’s biggest obstacle. Yes, you read that right. Us. The blunt truth is that the people who run the world are extraordinarily smart, and are very good at knowing how to manipulate people. Not only that, but they also lack the ethical filter which would block them from doing many of the heinous things they do. And we have allowed these people to rise to the top of our societies. The reason they have risen to the top is because they are more motivated, they are more intelligent, and they are less held back by moral codes. Its that simple. People who are willing to do things that other people will not have a fundamentally better chance at success because they will do whatever it takes to propel themselves. Its not a complicated concept.

This is a cynical way to view things, I know. But that doesn’t make it any less valid. Sometimes we need to address harsh truths in order to induce meaningful change. Basically, our problem is this: the entire fabric of society has been crafted and controlled by these types of individuals. For years and years and years, there has been a power struggle with the middle and lower classes receiving the brunt end of things. Thus, the rules and regulations cater drastically in the elites’ favor.

So how do you fight against a system that’s so deeply embedded in society and culture? Its a daunting task, to be sure. Ultimately, its going to come down to our ability to change our behavior. The only reason we’re subjected to all this control and suppression is because we value the things that they have: money, status, things, etc. We live in such a materialistic culture that our status is almost exclusively predicated by how much stuff we have. A big house, nice car, cool gadgets – they must be doing well, right? Think about this: the most powerful people in the world are the ones that control the money. The bankers. Under them, you have the people that control commodities and such. Things like oil, minerals, etc.

To put it in perspective, here is a quote from Amschel Rothschild (a member of one the most powerful families of the 20th century):

“Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws.”

Think about that for a minute. Why would he say this? Because money dictates policy, obviously. You can come up with the greatest programs and ideas in the world, but without the money to fund them, you’re back at square one. And that’s only because we value money to pay for things. If he had control of the money, he could essentially steer politicians one way or another at will. These people are smart. We have to keep that in mind.

Until we change this behavior of dependence on consumption and currency, we will always be subject to the powers that be. Unfortunately that’s just the way it is. To take power back, we have to change our values. That’s the only way we’ll ever be able to wiggle out of the stranglehold our politicians have us in. I imagine the first step in changing things would require an alternative framework on how we could reasonably create a functioning society without the need for money or useless materialism.

If you agree with this, please share this post by clicking the little button thingies at the bottom of the page. Twitter, Facebook, whatever. The more people are exposed to different perspectives, the better our chances are of changing anything.

I just hope one day, we actually realize what’s going on and do something about it. Its unfair, its unjust, and its sad. If “The Story of Humanity” were a play, it would surely be a tragedy.

Unless we rewrite the final Act, that is.

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