All of this political junk going on made me write this. People are becoming entirely too divided over who supports who. So here’s what I think, if anyone cares.

I’d like to take a moment to write about something that constantly troubles me. Something we all know exists, yet can’t truly get a complete grip on so we choose to ignore it. The unspoken behemoth that runs societies and controls populations: corruption.

Now I should probably begin by providing some context into what made me decide to write this specifically. The answer is simple, really: House of Cards.

Yes, a television show. A show that so accurately depicts the bowels of human depravity that it’s almost like gazing through a window at the real world rather than watching a box streaming digital images. The unavoidable truth is that we live in a world run by individuals who are so smart, and so unbelievably driven by ruthless ego that it’s affected our entire reality. Sure, this may not be groundbreaking news or anything, as we all undoubtedly know that corruption is rampant throughout society – but when will we reach a point where it’s too much?

Our world is gradually drifting into a place where the powers that be have access to everything: our habits, our interests, our relationships…the list goes on. Our behaviors are controlled and manipulated through lies and deceit. Our purchases and consumption trends are shaped by self-serving profiteers. 

Perhaps the most frustrating element to all of this is the fact that the majority of our opinions are based off of falsified information. By that, I’m referring to the general media. This has been a useful tactic since the dawn of time – controlling the press, that is. Public perception is really the penultimate control mechanism so getting a firm grip on that is always on the forefront of any regimes agenda. The unfortunate impact that this has is a public that shapes their opinion based upon “facts” that are fed to them via various media outlets.

Let me be real with you. Those people you see on TV? Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. – they are the best liars on the planet. Thats precisely the reason they’re in the spotlight, they’ve outplayed their competitors. Sadly, all these people we want so badly to believe are, for the most part, frauds. They’re simply fulfilling a natural, self-gratifying need to satisfy their own ego.

Maybe the funniest part of all this is that these people are so good at what they do that some people actually get angry when others call them out for the morally compromised people they are. They’re SO good at lying that they actually convince themselves that they’re doing the right thing. Which, to them, is whatever furthers their career or status. 

Personally, I’m a bit tired of my life being dictated by the trivial bantering of an out of touch, privileged class that has absolutely no grip on what the real world is like. It’s a messed up system when you have “representatives” who couldn’t be less representative than the people they’re actually representing. There’s a fundamental understanding/psyche that one simply doesn’t have the ability to comprehend if one has been eating out of a silver spoon their entire life – and to expect someone like that to be able to govern is just a terrible idea. They can’t relate at all. There’s no common ground or context upon which they can base educated decisions.

SO! In summation…whether you support Trump, or Hillary, or whoever…please understand how the world works. It’s run by the most successful manipulators on the planet. That’s the ONE truth we can all get from this. It’s a cynical point of view, I’m well aware. But it’s true nonetheless. 

And lastly, always raise an eyebrow at shady reporters. 🤔

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