The Lenghornian Revolt Returns: Chapter 2

“We must make haste!” 

Hurriedly rushing through the grassy hills overlooking of the House of Front, Stephanie and Brian are sweating from their long trek. 

“I’m running as fast as I can!” Brian shouts at Stephanie. 

As they finally make it to the peaceful village where the servers hang their aprons at night, the pair begins shouting in the middle of the cobblestone streets to warn them of the terrible news.

“My friends! You must awaken! There is trouble brewing in the West!” They yell, holding the wet floor cones that no one ever pays attention to over their mouths so they can project their voices. 

One by one, the confused servers begin to exit their huts and wipe their tired eyes as the bright Moon shines down on them, illuminating their silhouettes along the dark street.  

“Trouble brews on the Jessica West?” Johnny quietly asks. 

“No! The actual West!” Brian replies.

“Stephanie? Brian?” Mark mutters, still trying to wake up. “What troubles you?” 

“It’s Slug!” Stephanie whimpers. “He has forsaken us! The Gods of Corporate have promoted him to Local Manager, and his new position and power have clearly gone to his head! I fear he has hired a consulting firm to conduct the dreaded Annual Review!!”

“GASP!” The Lenghornians collectively breathe in disbelief.

“This can’t be!” Ashli, Queen of the House of Back shouts. “Slug pledged his allegiance to us, promising to never abuse his managerial powers!”

“I’m afraid it is so.” Brian sadly states. “Our trusted companion has been wooed by the powers of authority.”

“What ever will we do? We just gained our freedom no less than a year ago!” Pip, the petite host that everyone always secretly checks out exclaims. 

“We will fight.” Mike says, darkly. “We cannot allow the progress we have made to be undone. “If we must besiege the Tower of Management again, then so be it!” 

“But Mike!” Nela, the Bosnian server exclaims. “The last time we assaulted the tower we destroyed so many of the boots!”

“BOOTHS, my fair lady!” Mike says. “It is pronounced booths! Whenever shall you be rid of your cute, charming accent?”

“I do not know!” Nela cries. “But we must make sure we do not harm the boots this time!” 

“It is true.” Blake the Knowledgable says. “We must keep the booths in good condition for our patrons, or else the entire realm will be of no worth.”

“Aye.” Mark says. “Then it is decided! We shall protect the freedom we fought for by ousting Slug, the Recently Promoted! We will then intervene and stop the dreaded Annual Review!”

“Huzzah!” The Lenghornians cheer, collectively acknowledging that they’re in for another fight.

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