Drone Strikes: Justified Killing or Crimes Against Humanity?

I was considering making a Facebook status regarding this topic after watching a Netflix documentary entitled “Drone”. But after watching the video I’m going to paste at the end of this post, I felt the need to write something more thorough on the topic.
The documentary is basically a take on both sides of the issue. It follows and interviews both those who feel the strikes are necessary, and those who consider them legalized murder. Many of those interviewed are family members of drone strike victims.

Now, regardless of where you stand on the moral implications of these strikes, there is one fact that neither side can argue – hundreds (likely thousands) of innocent, completely unthreatening people have been brutally dismembered and/or killed as a result. People that in all likelihood have good hearts and productive lives. While some argue that this is acceptable collateral damage, I can’t bring myself to agree.

My reason is simple. Historically, Western society has operated on a basic principle when it comes to criminal justice: everyone deserves a fair trial. This is something I doubt anyone would disagree with – and if you do, I strongly suggest you reconsider your ethical values. Drone strikes, by nature, strip this basic human right away. Rather than attempting to apprehend a “terrorist”, we simply forego that headache and instead opt to straight up end their life without hearing why they are doing what they’re doing. Don’t get me wrong, if someone is killing innocents for the sake of their religion, or simply out of hatred or malice, then sure – maybe they deserve to die. But surely there’s another way to get it done. What of the people surrounding them who may or may not have anything to do with harming others? What about the hundreds of orphaned children who will grow up thinking that living in a world of random bombings is the norm? Is that something we can honestly convince ourselves is okay?

Truthfully, after seeing the documentary and watching the video below, im shocked that more isn’t being done to investigate this issue. It’s good that there are at least some determined individuals with enough passion for human rights that are attempting to shed light on this, but it’s unfortunately not enough.

In any case, I’ll get off the soapbox for now. But please, can we for once stop bickering about the ridiculous flavor of the week topics like restrooms and cakes that the heartless, pathetic mainstream media is feeding us and start focusing on things that REALLY matter? People are being murdered out there. Let’s get our priorities straight.
The video is copied below. If you’re at all squeamish, don’t watch it. It’s extremely graphic.

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