This is What’s Next: Restructuring How We Govern Ourselves

Since I’m pretty sure not many of you are going to change your minds about Trump, I suppose it would make sense to start thinking outside the box. Because if there’s anything I think we ALL actually agree on, it’s the feeling of hopelessness for our future. So hopefully we can start thinking of how to change that rather than rolling over and just whining.

Perhaps this will spark a productive dialogue. What could be done to fix the broken system we’ve got? The Internet. It’s our only tool to connect with each other, and we need to start taking advantage of it before they start regulating and censoring it. Because it’s moving that way. Look it up. Seriously.

If we do, in fact, prevent censorship of free speech, the Internet can very easily become our new method of creating and implementing policy. Restructuring our society in a way that we vote for people to implement our policies, not create them, is the only way to assure the voices of the people are truly heard without bias or influence from corporations, industries, donors, and the like. It really is the only way to cut out the corruption and give power to the masses. And I won’t say give it back to the masses, because truthfully, we’ve never even had it. Humanity has always been ruled over by one regime or the other. And the Internet is finally our way of ending it and moving forward to a new era of human existence. 

Think about this. Really, really think about it. We don’t have to continue down the path were on, blindly hoping for someone to change things. We can change things. We’re all human. No different than the people we watch and read about every day.

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