An Excerpt from Coalescence 

This is a random excerpt, but in the wake of all the division lately, I wanted to put this out there to help give some perspective to these issues we’ve been having. Interpret this however you’d like, but I’m trying to maintain a theme of societal acceptance with my writing.

This is a short part of a chapter in the last half of the book.


Kick kick.

“What the…?”

Suddenly waking up to his bed being nudged, Carson rubs his eyes as he leans forward.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He says, seeing Squeak looking at him from the foot of his bed, her eyes as cute and bubbly as ever.

“I have to do the thing, I think!” She says, hopping from one foot to the other in the urinary dance we’re all too familiar with.

“Alright alright, let’s go.” Carson mumbles, rolling out of bed. It’s the first time he’s been woken up by Squeak, something for which he’s thankful. She’s been a relatively low-maintenance pet so far, and he’s actually become quite attached to the little bugger.

Exiting his room, he looks out at the metallic catwalks before him. Rather than crossing them to take his typical path to the Observatory, he instead walks down the steps leading to the floor below him – one dedicated to agriculture and horticulture. Xun’s ship never ceases to amaze Carson, as its many floors and webbed catwalks always portray a sense of enormity. There are constantly different types of species bustling about, doing one thing or the other – Carson hasn’t yet figured out what other responsibilities lie on Xun’s operation. Not that he hasn’t tried to figure that out, but every time he brings it up, Xun deflects the question – telling him to focus on the activities of Earth. He also hasn’t quite pinpointed the exact reason he’s been required to remain on the ship this long. Presumably it’s so his behavior can be observed and analyzed by Xun and his employees, or whatever he calls them. Yet there’s been a lingering concern in his brain that tells him there’s some other reason they’ve kept him around.

As Squeak hops over to a pathway aligned with sunflowers, he leans against the sidewalk’s metallic railing to inhale the fresh air that the many plants provide. It’s evident that Xun’s post here spans much more than simply deciding whether or not to indict humanity. Looking out at the vast fields of grasses and foliage, it’s clear that his Organization is experimenting, or at least cultivating, with various plant life that can be found on Earth. This is one example that backs Carson’s theory that there are alternate agendas being pursued than just induction. Perhaps the Organization is attempting to diversify its agriculture. Maybe it’s trying to find suitable planets to colonize. Carson wonders if everything he’s been told is actually true.

What would I do if I were an alien species capable of interstellar travel?

Hello Carson. Are we about to have this conversation? 

In the words of Squeak – I think so.

Fair enough. Well, if it were me I would probably do whatever I could to ascertain the longevity of my species. You know, family and all.

Right? It’s amazing to me that all these species are working together. How have they gotten this far? We can’t even get our own races to get along, much less other species.

That’s a good question, buddy. Let me know when you figure it out though, because we could use some of that love down on Earth.

Do you think they fought each other before figuring out they could get further by cooperating?

Honestly, I have no idea. Maybe they all started out as dumb as us. Maybe they’ve always been super smart. Who knows? All I know is that Squeak is about to take a dump on your shoe.

Snapping out of his daze, Carson looks down to see Squeak squatting down right next to his left shoe.

“Hey! In the plants Squeak! Come on now, you know better than that.”

Frowning, Squeak hops back over to the sunflowers.

“I’m sorry. I think I just wanted to be closer to you. I didn’t want you to walk off without me, I think.”

His heart caving, Carson walks over and kneels down next to her.

“Squeak, I would never do that. You and I are a team, okay?” He says, patting her on the head.

“Yeah!” She squeaks excitedly. “I think that’s a great idea! A team!”

“Let’s go.” Carson says, laughing. “I want to mingle with some of our shipmates and make some friends. We need to stop being so reclusive.”
It’s not much, but Carson’s thoughts obviously reflect my own. If I were from another planet and I decided to knock on Earths door to introduce myself, I’d be mortified by what I’d see.

Let’s clean it up, people.

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