Empathy: #nothingnegative


The ability to share and understand the feelings of another.

According to the Google machine, at least. But I’d say that’s a pretty accurate depiction of what empathy means. 

Think about this. Every single action you make has an effect on your environment. Every word you say and thing you do. Someone will be affected by it. Be it a Facebook post, a friendly “hello” to a passerby, or a simple handshake when you meet someone – it all has an effect.

To create a positive space, we need to spread positivity. Every time I log onto Facebook, check my phone, or walk out into the world to walk my dog, it seems like there is a fountain of negativity spewing complaints and reasons for why the world sucks.

And before the keyboard warriors point this out, yes – I am just as guilty as anyone. No one is perfect. We all have ups and downs. Peaks and valleys. Stalagmites and stalactites (I still don’t know which is which). 

But I want to propose something: why don’t we commit ourselves to spread nothing but positivity for at least one week? I’m going to try it. I’m going to take the next seven days and do nothing but things that promote, uplift, help, boost, and assist. Nothing negative. In fact maybe I’ll try to start a hashtag, since those seem to catch on so quick. Hashtag nothing negative. Catchy, right?

Love love love, people. Stop the name calling, aggressive protesting, and be the bigger person by spreading the love.


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