The Lenghornian Revolt Returns: Epilogue


“Weelllllllll weeeee, fought for our soldiers,

And launched crouton boulders,

And freed our fair ladies, 

And now we serve on our own!
Buuuutt wheeeen we sip on our Foldgers, 

And put out the smoulders,

We knew it’d be easy,

And now we serve on our own!”


Back in the server village, Stephanie the Strong is standing on a table, ale in hand, singing songs that the bards have written in their memory. The epic battles that the servers have persevered through show just how strong the bonds between the villagers really are. They’ve shed blood, sweat, and extra ranch for one another, and will never forget the sacrifices they’ve all been forced to share. 

As the Lenghornians gather in the village tavern, they all join in on the song Stephanie is leading…
“Aaaaand weeee smoked Sloberts Ghost,

With Cedric’s bong we will boast,

Then we found a unicorn,

And now we serve on our own!
Aaaaand we found a big ham,

Then we gave Slug a slam, 

And cab ribs taste like spam,

And now we serve on our own!
Theeeeeeeeen Kelsey came along

And she tried to make calm

But got hit by croutons

And now we serve on our own!
Nowwwwww weeeee do what we want

Just like we all thought

And when they ask for our boss we say

We serve on our own!!!!”

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