The Creative Process

I always enjoy talking to creative people. After all, human creativity and ingenuity is what shapes the world we live in. I find it fascinating to listen and learn the creative process that people use during their brainstorming sessions. 

It’s interesting because it’s never the same. Everyone has their own, original methods that work for them. I thought about that for awhile and decided to share some of my own processes when it comes to how I create up my ideas for writing. 

When I’m writing the Continuity storyline or continuing the work I’ve started on Currency, I generally like to stay secluded. And I mean totally secluded. If it’s daytime, I’ll hang sheets over the windows and completely block out any ambient light. But usually I get my best writing done during the late, introspective hours of the early AM. The key, for me, is to have absolutely no stimuli save the computer screen. My entire focus is on the story in front of me. This helps tremendously as it assures there are no distractions whatsoever, and I can completely envelop myself in the story, almost becoming apart of it myself.  It’s a very unique sensation.

Occasionally I’ll take my laptop out, order a beer somewhere, and just observe people. My first chapter of Continuity reflects this, as the bustling restaurant scene depicts servers running about. I’ll also write at the dog park from time to time, which inspired one of my characters (Squeak) of the second installment of Continuity, which will be released within the year. 

My goal when writing is to expose myself to various environments, because they always influence me in different ways, resulting in a diverse narrative. 

When I’m blogging, on the other hand, my process is simply to think. I always wonder what topics would be interesting for others to read about. I know I write a lot of opinionated stuff, which to most people is fodder, but I also try and be open minded about most things and encourage others to do the same. Ultimately, my goal with my blog is to gain exposure as a writer and to spread ideas that might help promote free thought and introspection. So my process there is to constantly think of topics that might be worth writing about (such as the creative process). To that end, I am always thinking about this. Even when I’m out in public, if something happens that I think would be noteworthy, I’ll write it down on my iPhone notepad. That way I have a reminder later on of something I can write about. Blog ideas are everywhere, so it’s important to always be aware of those opportunities.

Now as far as journalism (I write a column in my local paper), my process is pretty simple. I research the people I’m writing about. The column I’m referring to is called “Millenials Making a Difference”. It’s a column I started that highlights graduates of my counties high school that are making a positive impact on society. My first article, for example, was on a woman who started a website that helps people get rid of the adversities that are holding them back, such as addiction, abuse, etc. It’s a great idea and has helped a lot of people. Here is a link to her site. 

In any case, I think the creative process is far too often overlooked. I really enjoy hearing how people come up with the ideas they come up with. If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them in the comments. In the end, we can all learn from each other 🙂  

One thought on “The Creative Process

  1. Thanks! I clicked on this peace of yours very accidentally as I’m one of those selfish bloggers, who write and wants to be recognised but doesn’t really get involved much.

    I know I should and I know I’d actually love it. And I’m sure it would help me to come back to myself, regarding my creativity and passion. You kind of reminded me how good it feels getting inspiration in different surroundings. And here you go, from a lost pigeon in the park you might start your future best-seller. And then I think… what happened.


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