Life can seem like many different things at various points throughout our journey. Oftentimes we view it as a randomized collection of chaotic events over which we have little to no control. Other times, when things seem to be going our way, life appears to be a beast that we have worked hard to tame; one of which who’s reigns we think we hold a firm grip.

In my experience, both situations hold true. While personally I don’t believe anyone will ever have true, total control over their life, there is no doubt one thing  which I’m confident is the case.

Our lives play out as the result of a never ending chain of choices. Our happiness, sadness, celebrations, regret, and remorse are all triggered by one or more choices which we ourselves have made. Every smile, every frown, and everything in between is rooted firmly in our choice to respond a particular way to the events of our lives.

Despite how difficult it can be at times, I try to constantly remind myself of this. I fight to maintain awareness that my life is ultimately what I make it – and that my reactions to the tough things thrown my way are completely under my control.

My mental fortitude has strayed as of late, betraying me and my usual peace of mind. I’ve let it cloud my focus on priorities and goals. Knowing this is the first step to overcoming it.

For any who read this, always understand that you control your life. Don’t let things you have no influence over affect your pursuit of happiness – something we all deserve.

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