The World Will Change Tomorrow – Or it Won’t

“It is what it is.”

Don’t you hate it when people say that? As if we have no control whatsoever over what’s going on. Well, tonight, I daresay, that cliche will be all we have to turn to once the results of this election have been determined.

My only hope is that the majority of us still understand that we’re all in this together and those that pull the strings should have little to no influence on our happiness and daily lives. Sure, policy-makers affect the high-level things, but what’s truly important in our lives? That’s the main question I think we need to ask when considering how important our leaders are when it comes to daily life.

Sometimes I wonder if most of us have actually asked ourselves that most fundamental of questions.If you’re reading this, think about it. What really matters to you? What kind of things are important enough to cause you to get up and do something?

Hopefully most of us have these answers figured out when we go to the polls. We want to cast our faith (because that’s what voting is) in a person who reflects our values. We want to support someone who can shape the world into the image we would most like it to be. Most importantly, we expect them to maintain accountability to our expectations. They represent us. That’s a very important fact that I think is far too often overlooked.

I’ll keep this short. All in all, don’t let this election taint friendships or family relations. We would be doing ourselves a disservice if we allowed that to happen. The world will still be the same tomorrow. The only difference being that come January, the White House will be stocking either extra toupees or hideous pant suits.



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