The Next America

One day, the millennial generation will inherit the planet.  If we take a step back and look at the world in a high level view, there are some things that become clear. There seems to be a generational disconnect on how things should work. Almost like the old, and the new. It’s like the world … More The Next America


I’m going to keep this short. It’s no secret that this political season has gotten people riled up. Everywhere we turn we see partisan this, negative that, she did this, he said that, and so on. And to a certain extent, it’s warranted. Americans feel cheated by the conditions they’ve been forced to live under, … More Unity

Human Beings are Not One Dimensional

I feel compelled to write this after zipping through my news feeds and reading the persistently biased headlines of our lovely mainstream media.  Human beings are just that – they are human beings.  Regardless of your opinion (which, ironically, is usually formulated based upon third party reporting without any first hand interaction whatsoever), people generally … More Human Beings are Not One Dimensional