When It’s Over: After the Election

Everyone feels the tension. There’s an inescapable, lingering stress that our country won’t shed until this election season is over and all ballots have been cast and counted. 

Regardless of where you stand politically, there is one, transcendant requirement that we all must bear in mind – at our core, we are one. 

Now obviously, there will be winners and there will be losers. That’s the nature of our political system. But for us, the people, we need to be aware that division is precisely what gives power to those that hold it. On November 9th, we mustn’t let ourselves bicker and fight. The winners should be humble and the losers respectful. Because ultimately we all have the same goal, and that is to live in a country which fosters opportunity, freedom of choice, and liberty. 

I’ll keep this brief. My point is this: please don’t let the outcome of this election adversely affect your relationships. We all have friends and family each with unique perspectives. 

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