Human Beings are Not One Dimensional

I feel compelled to write this after zipping through my news feeds and reading the persistently biased headlines of our lovely mainstream media. 

Human beings are just that – they are human beings. 

Regardless of your opinion (which, ironically, is usually formulated based upon third party reporting without any first hand interaction whatsoever), people generally do not embody one thing or the other 100%. Good, bad, racist, not racist, democrat, republican, what have you – human beings are by nature dynamic, complex organisms with a slew of differing thoughts and values.

I think it needs to be said that we should make ourselves more aware of this. The amount of polarization we are seeing is getting entirely too out of hand. We need to stop looking at things (and people) as totally for or against us. Believe it or not, a middle ground does exist in the vast majority of cases.

This applies to everyone, on all sides. Each person in your life, in the news, and anywhere else for that matter is a multi-dimensional person that likely has many differing viewpoints. And even though they might say one thing, that doesn’t mean they don’t question or wonder about it themselves.

Please try to keep this in mind. We are all human.

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