In my quest to promote my book, I have to keep something in mind. There was one very specific reason as to why I wrote it.

My original goal was to build my mom a library. After speaking with the city manager of the town which I’m from, I learned that our local library was already dedicated to someone. So he had a different idea. 

That idea was to create a reading sanctuary, where people could temporarily escape the real world and immerse themselves in literature.

There was a reasoning behind this. You see, my mom had two very limiting ailments. COPD, and rhemeutoid arthritis. Both of these things made it very difficult for her to get around. So, appropriately, reading was her avenue of entertainment. 

This is why I enjoy writing so much. Because I know, no matter what situation you’re in, that reading gives you an escape from the reality we experience day to day. And sometimes, we need that. We need an outlet to let our imaginations fly and flitter wherever they want to go.

Reading was my mom’s release. She loved it more than anything. It didn’t hurt, she didn’t have to move around, and it was something she could enjoy and experience without any pain whatsoever. 

That’s my tool, moving forward. Watching how much her world was changed through reading is the exact reason I care so much about writing. The written word really can affect lives. I myself can attest to that, because I witnessed my mother’s reality over the last few years of her life be influenced by simple, written words. 

And that’s why I will continue to promote my book, until I have the means to create this reading sanctuary for her. A small, quiet building with her name on it. That’s what I want to build. Because she deserves it.

I miss you, Mom. More than anything in the world. And I promise I’m going to get this done for you.

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