Good & Evil: Chapter 4

Here we are again. Told you I’d be your guide, didn’t I? Let me guess. You’re curious as to what the hell is going on.

Well, here ya go.

When earth was finally stripped of her last bits of natural resources, people descended into havoc. There was a several year period where human beings reverted to their primal instincts, completely shedding cultural “sophistication” and acting like animals. Quite literally. And it wasn’t even due to the fact that we’d run out of oil. It was simply because we did nothing to prepare ourselves for the inevitable shortage. The masses looked to global leaders as enemies, power hungry sociopaths who controlled the industry so they could line their pockets. 

The social collapse wasn’t based on lack of oil. It was based on revenge. Revenge on those who said we would never see this day, that by the time oil ran out we’d be using something else for our energy. No, the collapse wasn’t driven by the knowledge that there’s no more fuel. 

It was driven by hatred and malice for the leaders they trusted.


**A message from the author**

I have a long term goal of building a Reading Sanctuary to dedicate to my mother, who passed away in August of 2015, at my local library. My writing is the means through which I would like to achieve that goal.

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