What are we Doing?

Why do you work?

Think about it

Please, I’m not joking

Actually think.

Because you get paid, no?

It’s simple, agree?

Don’t you agree though?

Now keep up with me

Lets take one more step, huh?

Get onto this bus

Why do we get paid, huh?

Whats money to us?

It lets us buy things

Okay that makes sense

So take one step further

Why do we buy things?

Cause people will like us

Wait what do you mean?

Well, people all like stuff

It’s attractive to gleam

So wait you’re saying

That people are fake?

Not really just saying

That thats why they wake

They wake to get up and

Just go to a job

The one that they hate, and

So they can buy stuff

Well, what if instead all you

Stopped caring for stuff

And rather looked into

All these people and love

The whole world would never

Ever be the same

And if you don’t get this

You’re the reason we hate

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