The School of Thought

Tonight I’d like to tell a story about a place that has taught me much.

A place I’ve always leaned on, when I needed such a crutch. When I was little, this place was like a dream, so far away that it seemed out of touch; but now that I’ve grown and matured, I hold its lessons with the tightest clutch.

I won’t ever let it go.

Look, for so long my tank was empty; it was always out of fuel. I succumbed to all the heartache that for long I had let rule my life like some fool who thought that the strife was just another tool that the ghoul that I called God would use to make us walk through this journey of existence awaiting some effervescent jewel when at last we close our eyes. But then I realized that life is really just a dual between ourselves and our constant struggles, a desperate gasp for breath in the deepest pool that you’ll always have to fight as you wish for some magical stepping stool to manifest under your feet to lift you up, as if out from under all the tough times it can pull. But that’s just not how it is; that’s what I’ve learned in this school.

This School of Thought has taught me the truth.

That’s right. This school of thought has taught me that nothing comes to those who think the world aught to arrange everything to be brought to them without the need for any sort of self-change or self-discipline. It taught me that if you’ve ever sought a real shot, if you’ve ever thought that the ones who’ve caught a break in life didn’t catch it after a hard-fought, blood, snot, and teared battle then you’re waiting on something that you’ll never be able to say “I got”. You’ll never say it because fate doesn’t allot the top spot to the ones who can’t fight through the distraught times when the tears drop, the blood clots, the hope rots, and the stomach knots. Not the top-knot wearing coffee shop dwelling flowerpots who end up as an afterthought on the footnotes of a Juggernaut’s biography. No, it only awards those who refuse to be forgot; the dreadnoughts, the ones who start as sparks and become megawatts, who shoot for stars and become astronauts, who go from tattered tees to Windsor knots. The fucking Lancelots of Camelot.

You’ve got to have what it takes.

And the simple truth; that very basic, unavoidable reality that we’re all subjected to whether we like it or not, is that this is the Animal Kingdom, and some have it, and some don’t. You don’t like that? Well guess what?

Neither do I.

If it were up to me, we would all live and die on the same low and the same high as him, her, and any other girl or guy. But that just ain’t how it works, so don’t tell yourself the same lie that so many others do; the same lie that makes so many lives go awry as they apply this false logic as they ask “why?” When they should actually be asking “why not?” And I’m telling you, these words I decry at this very moment I can’t say loud enough. I wish I could climb to the top of the sky for everyone, whether far or nearby, as I let out, through a passionate outcry, the lessons of this School.

Everyone needs to understand these things.

Nothing is created with idle hands. No one owes you anything; not I, not your friends, not your family, not God, not anyone. If you want something in this world we occupy, you have to decide if its important enough to you to justify the sacrifice required to force yourself into action. Dreams are just that; dreams. If you want to wake up to that unconscious alibi that you slide into each and every night, then set the alarm for five instead of nine and purify your consciousness, ignore the constant lullaby that society incessantly sings to you and dignify yourself as you start to magnify and amplify the passion that resides within, the thing you’re no longer going to misapply or nullify but instead glorify your priorities as you quantify your goals and what they mean to you.

It takes THOUGHT. Meaningful, organized, pointed thought and concern.

Otherwise, you’ll get nowhere. So don’t let life pass you by as the world pacifies, undermines, nullifies, mystifies, simplifies, vilifies and terrifies you. Instead get up, take charge and notify yourself of what you’re capable of as you strategize, rectify, diversify, and intensify your goals and what you want to achieve in life. BE something. And always, always, always, be good.

Above all else.

Do the right thing. Never disqualify the opinions of others, rather try to identify with the sentiments that they certify as correct. And if you can’t see eye to eye, then don’t let your actions be dictated by your predispositions and just shake their hand while you both agree to disagree, rectifying the relationship as you mutually understand that you testify for different beliefs. Never support hatred or malice. Always award goodness and kindness.

This world can change, if we’d only allow it through our own actions.

Life isn’t some complicated equation that should make us feel petrified. It shouldn’t cause us to feel horrified as we walk through its halls, confused and mystified.

I’ll leave you here, for now; I know I’ve said a lot. But let me reiterate one thought. Please remember the lessons that this School has taught.

Because do you remember what we did to our last beacon of light? That guy who came by as he created a world which was glorified, fortified, and beatified?

He was crucified.

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