The Golden Rule

I’m aware that they don’t care about the things I think and say

They’re not good for Hollywood, my words are made for now, today

I don’t pen to make a Ben, I write the things that I portray

I’ve thought it through, if his’try proves, that’s how you pave your own way


Pick the rhythm, pull the rhyme, critique every thing you want

When you’re done, I tell you son, you won’t comprehend the font

Looking for a line to lay, that thing went out with every verse

It’s so clear all you’ll find here is just a way to make it worse 

Maybe we should take a minute to acknowledge what’s at stake

Life and love are in this garden, and I think it needs a rake

Ripping out the weeds and whatnot, we can till a solid ground

One that recognizes freedom and lets life live free abound


Do the things you want to do, just don’t impede on fellow man

That’s a rule we learn in school, it doesn’t stop the things you can

Be respectful, above all, love thy neighbor and their kin

Please do not believe that you are different, she or him

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