“It makes me oh so fluster-ated

When I type duck, oh I so hate it

STOP IT PLEASE, I cannot take it

Anymore, tonight.”

Breathe Matt, calm dawn, you’ve created

Something we can all related

For we have all demonstrated

The topic of this write

It does it whew we do not want it

“NO! It’s when*” See? You can’t stop it

Maybe you should just croissant it

You cannot stop it’s might

Cause that last word? No sense it made

A bittered bread without an egg

“Oh my god it’s buttered*, k?”

I told you – it will spite

“But it’s not fair!” You think it cares?

It always gets you, unaware

You hit the send and you just stare

At grammar in hindsight

But sometimes, we can take advantage

If the right point, you have vantage

Type you’re as your, you can manage

Blaming it for such a plight

In the end, it’s just a scapegoat

To take back what we might have wrote

Don’t blame me, that isn’t my quote

It was autocorrect, alright?

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