This Lake of Mine

I don’t know what it means to live

I’ve only thoughts that I can give

But if you asked me what it was

I’d answer: this is what, to me, it does

Silent sitting, by the lake

Watching gentle waves that break

Laying on this old, hard log

As I watch my little dog

Prancing in the leaves, he barks

And then begins to chase the larks

I smile, shake my head at him

Seeing sunset start to dim

Look back down to pen and pad

While writing things I wish I had

This ink is all the world to me

It courses through my veins, you see

I do not know what life’s about

But there’s one thing I’ll never doubt

This place we live, this world we share

Is filled with beauty, everywhere

I call my friend, this dog of mine

We will be back, another time

Again against this log I’ll lay

The birds will chirp, another day

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