Bridging the Gap

Sometimes my mind puts up a fight and tells me that my thoughts at night are not the type of black and white that people want for me to write

I hear these things, and I don’t know, if I should stay or I should go, for when the truth I do bestow it tends to turn a friend to foe

Never will I understand why lending such a truthful hand doesn’t seem to go as planned yet always returns glass to sand

The crowd expects perfection, see, and if you ever disagree, you’re scorned and brought down to a knee as they say “you”, but ignore “me”

Such irony, the hypocrite, for they once sat where you now sit, all their ethics counterfeit as they hide things they won’t admit

There’s sadness in this mind of mine, for most say “do not fret, it’s fine. Pay no mind to humankind”, the ones who stand without a spine

So empty is this world, so numb, it does not matter where you’re from, perhaps this isn’t true for some, but sadly that’s what we’ve become

Someday I hope to recompense, and if our kind has any sense, we’ll fight for our own self defense

Into a bridge, we’ll make the fence

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