Future Holds What It Belongs

While you’re posting, making brands

These molds are sculpted with my hands

Faking press is fine, you see

When you don’t care for “look at me”

Having followers is great

But does the content satiate?

Or does it only serve the “you”

As influencers tend to do

So smart they seem to think they are

But when you ask them, from afar

Do you really think at night

That you have purpose, or insight?

Step in this confession booth

Look in my eyes, and tell the truth

Are you satisfied with them

Or is fake a thing you’ll condemn?

You know exactly what I mean

When you read these words on this screen

Do not pretend to play the fool

You know precisely what you do

There exists a world, out there

That means the things it says – that’s fair

You may not know it, in L.A.

But I promise it’s real, today

People living, who have a soul

And they don’t need to pay a toll

To participate in things that they

Want to have hands in, or a say

A place where people get along

Not needing asking, who among

A place where things aren’t all closed off

By those who sin and those who scoff

By hypocrites who seem to think

That I can drink, but they can’t drink

Let’s build a wall they must besiege

And force them to call me, “your Liege”

This is what you have become

Yes, Hollywood, you’re Satan’s son

Shunning that which might outlast

While faking such a righteous path

You hold power, yes it’s so

This I know that you all know

But people are all waking up

And soon – the waves will fill this cup

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