Steward of the Written Word

Devices that are literary, I sent to them a day’s invite. RSVP has been unclear, I don’t know who I expect tonight.

Maybe we’ll be joined by awe-inspiring Alliteration. Always assuming at the alter that it’s allowed to join our station

When he arrives, I’ll check the door. For I’ve been waiting, Metaphor. Join us as we turn this page into a platform – poet’s stage

Words provide my soul’s hydration, holding hands with Personification. My mind’s really running tonight, embodies traits it shouldn’t, right?

I see the forest from the tree, for we can’t leave out Simile. The branches flow like waves in sea, almost as if they’re you and me

Two things comparing, you suppose? Do not fret, thats Juxtapose. To compare things for him or her, set black and white next to color.

I’m here, you’re here, do you hear hear my one condition? Here I think I found our friend, his name is Mr. Repetition

I see the future, you must know, because I’m fam with Foreshadow

Confused was I with all these locks. It’s turned into a Paradox.

Despite our difference, you and me, we’re both the same. Such Irony!

Cover your ears! Don’t let them see ya! BOOM goes Onomatopoeia

Since last we met? A century. But that might be Hyberbole

Okay boomer, you must know so much about attire. Please don’t make me laugh through all the gritted teeth and my Satire.

I’ll subtly say this poem is done, through this here cryptic…Allusion

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